Artistic Stitches, Inc. has been a full service, large-scale contract embroiderer and digitizer since 1991. As a pure contract embroiderer and digitizer, we offer services as our only product. All of our services are provided in-house under the direction and supervision of our professional and experienced team. We understand that you require the highest quality decorating of garments for your customers and each member of our team is committed to quality, service and matching our production time to meet your needs as well as your customers'.

Contract Embroidery
Our embroidery department operates Barudan machines totaling over 300 computerized embroidery heads. We have hundreds of thread colors to choose from and a variety of specialty threads. Our in-house embroidery and digitizing capabilities allow us to employ the latest embroidery techniques including Puff Embroidery, Twill and Felt AppliquÁ and 270-degree cap embroidery, which allows a hat to be embroidered with front and side logos in one operation.

Custom Digitizing
Our skilled in-house digitizers utilize the latest software programs, which when combined with years of experience ensures embroidery of the highest quality. We guarantee a quick turn around and that our samples will be consistent with the final product.

Contract Appliqué
Our contract appliquÁ offers a high-end retail look customized for your client. AppliquÁ can be custom cut to virtually any font or shape to duplicate a corporate logo and is also available in stock fonts and styles to mimic collegiate and athletic styles. AppliquÁ also adds dimension and texture and can cover a lot of area at a reduced stitch count.

We take care of all of the finishing touches. All product is hand trimmed and inspected before being shipped. If your customer requires special packaging, we will see to it.

Customer Service Representatives
All of our clients are assigned a dedicated customer representative whose job is to ensure a seamless and pain-free experience. They are more than happy to put in the necessary time and energy to guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of your design and the finish of your garment, at no cost to you.

Wide-Reaching Service
Our state-of-the-art fulfillment facility is centrally situated on Chicago's west side. Our client base is geographically diversified and located throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Many customers have their product shipped directly to us, we offer custom packaging, bagging and folding and blind shipping through UPS and FedEx customer delivery. We can ship directly to your customer, completely transparent, with your name and address as the return address on the shipping label.